Kid Made Modern at Target

Next month we’re going to a cottage we rented in upstate New York.  Since we’ll be in the States for a week, I’m collecting a list of items I want to order from (and have it all shipped to the cottage).

A definite “must” for my Target shopping list is a few pieces from Todd Oldham’s Kid Made Modern collection.  It’s classic kids’ craft supplies, but with a modern twist.  I think these crayon gems (for Clara) and modern printed tape (for me) are so great.  Yay American shipping!

[via DesignSponge]

What I’ll Be Doing on Sunday… Making Soap!

I just booked my spot for the soap making workshop at Nathalie-Roze & Co in Leslieville this Sunday afternoon.  Here are all the details if you’d like to join me:

“natural SOAP-Making workshop (12 to 3pm)…make your own custom batch with your choice of essential oils & or exfoliants. All supplies included, plus tea/treats served on the break. COST: $65+HST. Call us at the shop, to book your spot & get crafty: 416-792-1699.”

You can also check out the Nathalie-Roze & Co Facebook page if you’d like.

I’m really looking forward to it – I’m hoping to make lavender scented soap.  Mmmmmm.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you’re up to!

Waterproof, Tote-able Picnic Blanket

Clara and I are big fans of eating lunch in the park, next to her beloved playground. We were having a picnic playdate with friends last week, and I had picnic blanket envy. My pal had a JJ Cole blanket with a water resistant backing, and the whole thing folded into a tote.  So cool.  She told me she paid somewhere between $40-50 for it though, so I got to thinking… I wonder if I could make one myself.

I found these instructions for making a picnic blanket that has a waterproof backing (the author suggests using a shower curtain – I think I’d use ripstop nylon), and the whole thing folds into a tote (pictured above).

I think it looks pretty do-able… now I just have to find the time to work on it!

Crafternoon Tea

Another great event happening in the ‘hood next week – Crafternoon Tea!  Go check it out next Saturday, November 26, from 11am – 5pm.

It’s a “curated crafty/fashion market & charity tea-party” hosted by Nathalie-Roze (of Nathalie-Roze & Co).  But it’s not at her shop – it’s at the church down the street,Queen Street East Presbyterian Church (947 Queen St. East at Carlaw).

Some confirmed vendors include Knotted Nest, Clay Girl, and The Happy Seamstress (whose Beard Knitting Kit, above, is genius!)

See the Crafternoon Tea Facebook page, or follow Nathalie-Roze on Twitter for the latest information.


Cheater Quilt

I was hanging with Hilary yesterday, telling her about my new sewing machine that just arrived, and she reminded me about the blog Prudent Baby, which features all kinds of cool DIY crafts and things for babies.

I checked it out, and found this awesome post about cheater quilts.  How cool is this?  You can make a quilt (or at least, a blanket that looks like a quilt) without actually having to do all the piecework.  LOVE IT.  Just added this to my list of projects that I may or may not ever complete.

[cheater quilt fabric image via Spoonflower]

Free Beginner Sewing Patterns for Baby Stuff

Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote about my recent itch to “get my sew on”?  Well, I went and did it – I ordered a new sewing machine.  I got a good value model off the Costco website.

While I wait for my new toy to arrive, I’ve been looking up patterns.  I found this great roundup of 15 Free PDF Sewing Patterns for Baby Stuff over at  Don’t you love the one for the baby apron?  Now that Little C is eating solids, she definitely needs one of these!

[image via]

Pinhole Press is shipping to Canada!

I follow the Cup of Jo blog pretty regularly, and have been very impressed with the products featured from Pinhole Press.  Photo calendars, photo books, stationery, party invitations, cards, labels… all very clean and attractive.

I’ve been wanting to order from them for a while, but they didn’t ship to Canada.  Until now!  I just spoke with a customer service rep at Pinhole Press, and they said they are indeed accepting orders from Canada.  There’s just a little blip in the checkout process – for now, they don’t have it programmed to accept Canadian addresses and postal codes.  So here’s what you do:

1. Enter your entire address in the 2 address lines (ie – your street info on line 1, and then your town, province, and postal code on line 2).

2. In the Zip Code field, just enter 00000

3. Pick any US State you want for the State field – they’ll know it’s bogus

Then do the credit card stuff, and they’ll ship to you, at the same rates as they ship to American addresses.  That’s a deal!

I’m going over to Pinhole Press right now to start making things!

Get Your Sew On

Lately I’ve really been wanting to sew… must be the post-partum nesting hormones.  I took 4 years of costuming courses in university (I knew that theatre school training would come in handy some day), so I think I’m a pretty competent stitcher.  I’m just a bit rusty… it’s been a while since those collegiate days.

Last year my sister picked up a basic Singer sewing machine at Walmart, and took a few classes at The Sewing Studio in Toronto.  I think I might follow her lead, buy a machine, and get my sew on.  I can’t wait to head over to MacFab (a fantastic fabric store in my neighbourhood) and pick up some funky fabrics. They have textiles by Amy Butler and Dwell Studio.  Now the only question is… what project to start with?

[image above: old-timey Singer ad via Millie Motts]



Knit Your Own Pet

I love knitting, but I tend to stick to making blankets and hats, since they don’t require too much small detail work.  This post on Covet Garden’s blog may have convinced me to try something tiny though… I could knit my own pets!  I love the little corgi dog (pictured above).  And here’s the pattern for knitting your own Jack Russell (also pictured above).

I think these would make great gifts for my nephews.  Perhaps a visit to my local yarn shop is in order…