Get Your Sew On

Lately I’ve really been wanting to sew… must be the post-partum nesting hormones.  I took 4 years of costuming courses in university (I knew that theatre school training would come in handy some day), so I think I’m a pretty competent stitcher.  I’m just a bit rusty… it’s been a while since those collegiate days.

Last year my sister picked up a basic Singer sewing machine at Walmart, and took a few classes at The Sewing Studio in Toronto.  I think I might follow her lead, buy a machine, and get my sew on.  I can’t wait to head over to MacFab (a fantastic fabric store in my neighbourhood) and pick up some funky fabrics. They have textiles by Amy Butler and Dwell Studio.  Now the only question is… what project to start with?

[image above: old-timey Singer ad via Millie Motts]



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