There’s a Magical Fairy House in Cabbagetown


Things like this make me smile.  Bunch Family (my fave parenting website) reported this morning that fairies have moved into a tree stump in Wellesley Park (in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood).  Click through to the post on Bunch for more pictures and info on what’s known about these magical fairies.

[photo by Meri Perra, c/o Bunch]

Great Website for Second-Hand Baby Stuff in Toronto


I am SO happy to share my newest discovery for baby stuff in Toronto with you – Merrily Merrily.  It’s a website run by Leslieville mom Moxie Garrett, and you can shop a great selection of gently used and nearly-new baby and kids’ gear on her charming website.  You can choose to have items shipped to you, or you can opt for free pickup in Leslieville.

Moxie also takes your used gear off your hands, and sells it on the website on consignment.  I dropped off a bunch of stuff for her this week, and she sells it in record time.  I’m so happy I found out about Merrily Merrily!

Are You a Sh*tty Mom?

There’s a new book out that I can’t wait to read called Shi*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us.  It’s written by a team of comics and comedy industry people, so I fully expect it to be hilarious.

You can read an excerpt (from the chapter entitled “How To Miss Work Without Saying It’s Because of Your Sick Kid”) over on the Huffington Post.

I’m downloading the book to my Kobo tonight!

How To Make Your Own Baby Wipes

Cup of Jo posted a link to this last week, and I thought it was so cool.  Talia Christine shows how she makes her own baby wipes, by cutting a roll of paper towels in half, and soaking them in a mix of water, baby shampoo, and olive oil.  Such a great idea.  See the full post with step-by-step instructions here.

[images via Talia Christine]

Things to Do With a Toddler in Montreal

We’re planning our trip to Montreal (we leave in 2 weeks!), so I’m researching things we can do during the day as a family.  I came across this great article from entitled 50 Things to Do With Kids In Montreal.  I think some must-dos off this list include the Biodome, Parc Jean-Drapeau, and maybe the Zoo.  And we’re staying close to Parc LaFontaine, so that’s a must.  Kinnon told us there’s a 24-hour poutine shop right next to Parc LaFontaine called La Banquise.  Amazing!

Do you have any Montreal kids tips?

[image of kids playing in water fountains at Place-des-Arts by Just Being a Mama]

Meg Mateo Ilasco’s Thoughts on Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

YES!  That’s how I felt when I read Meg Mateo Ilasco’s guest post (Lessons About Motherhood & Business) on Design*Sponge on Tuesday. For any of you out there who are sometimes rocking and sometimes struggling with motherhood and also running your own business, you NEED to read this.  My favourite parts:

“As a mother and entrepreneur, you’ll have limited quantities of resources, time, and energy. Choose your projects and commitments carefully. If it’s not something you want to do or have time to do, then simply don’t do it. And don’t beat yourself up with comparisons.”

“Yes, children should come first, but . . . sometimes so should your business!”

” You need time away from the kids and business; you need time for yourself. The trick to this: schedule it regularly — like you would your son’s t-ball game.”

“Becoming a great designer, blogger, entrepreneur, or mother rarely happens overnight! Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the other side, or you’ll miss the point completely.”

If you enjoyed the article, order her new book, Mom, Inc. – The Essential Guide to Running A Successful Business from Home. (I’m going to put it on my shelf next to the other book I have by Meg, Creative, Inc.)