Pinhole Press is shipping to Canada!

I follow the Cup of Jo blog pretty regularly, and have been very impressed with the products featured from Pinhole Press.  Photo calendars, photo books, stationery, party invitations, cards, labels… all very clean and attractive.

I’ve been wanting to order from them for a while, but they didn’t ship to Canada.  Until now!  I just spoke with a customer service rep at Pinhole Press, and they said they are indeed accepting orders from Canada.  There’s just a little blip in the checkout process – for now, they don’t have it programmed to accept Canadian addresses and postal codes.  So here’s what you do:

1. Enter your entire address in the 2 address lines (ie – your street info on line 1, and then your town, province, and postal code on line 2).

2. In the Zip Code field, just enter 00000

3. Pick any US State you want for the State field – they’ll know it’s bogus

Then do the credit card stuff, and they’ll ship to you, at the same rates as they ship to American addresses.  That’s a deal!

I’m going over to Pinhole Press right now to start making things!

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