Waterproof, Tote-able Picnic Blanket

Clara and I are big fans of eating lunch in the park, next to her beloved playground. We were having a picnic playdate with friends last week, and I had picnic blanket envy. My pal had a JJ Cole blanket with a water resistant backing, and the whole thing folded into a tote.  So cool.  She told me she paid somewhere between $40-50 for it though, so I got to thinking… I wonder if I could make one myself.

I found these instructions for making a picnic blanket that has a waterproof backing (the author suggests using a shower curtain – I think I’d use ripstop nylon), and the whole thing folds into a tote (pictured above).

I think it looks pretty do-able… now I just have to find the time to work on it!

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