“You Can Quote Me” biz cards

Check out these lovely “You Can Quote Me” ready-made business cards from my favourite online printer of all time, Moo:

All you have to do is add your info to the back, and you’re done!  I have to order more business cards for myself.  I thought I was going to just get my usual Marc Johns set (since he’s hilarious and whimsical and a little bit cheeky, like me)… but I might throw a few of these “You Can Quote Me” ones in there as well…

Look Ma, I’m Famous!

Okay, maybe not famous.  But featured in a magazine, which is cool.  And it’s even cooler that I’m in the company of so many other great Toronto entrepreneurs.  I’m having a crummy day (feeling sick), so this was a lovely pick-me-up.

To see the issue of On Magazine featuring me, click here, and then scroll to page 24.  Or if that’s giving you trouble, you can download the PDF of my page by clicking here.

Messy French Bun

Like Joanna at Cup of Jo, I have always been envious of fashionable ladies who can wear messy buns in their hair, making them look French and oh-so-chic.  So thank you Joanna for recently reminding us of how to get the messy French bun look.

I’ve been trying my variation of this on my own hair for the last 4 days.  I like to wear my own messy French bun with my eyeglasses, thinking I’m rocking the librarian chic look.  I probably just look ridiculous.

Awesome design by an awesome lady: Kelly

Kelly Hogan is awesome.  Smart, fun, and stylish too. Kelly runs a design studio called Freshly Hatched, and she makes gorgeous websites and business identities.  I met Kelly through Ladies Who Launch (where I met Stephanie too) and I have often relied on her for advice.  She’s kind of like my web-design-big-sister.  I admire and respect Kelly a lot, and hope my little one-lady design studio can one day be as successful as hers.

Toronto “city neighbourhood” Poster

Ork Posters makes amazing prints (sometimes screen printed, sometimes professionally printed) of cities, broken down by their neighbourhoods.  I got an email this morning saying that the Toronto posters they were working on are finally available!  Complete with all 178 Toronto neighbourhoods.  I am most definitely getting one of these… I just have to choose which colour combo I like the best: brown and gold, or red and white?  I’m leaning towards brown and gold…

update: I did order the brown and gold one!  Can’t wait for it to arrive.  Now I just have to think of where I’m going to hang it…

Favourite Flower: Tulips

Tulips are my favourite flower.  For a few reasons:

1. They’re simple and not fussy.
2. They come in all kinds of colours, including multicolour ones.
3. You can only get them for a few months each year, which makes them special.
4. They’re not expensive.
5. I like how the Dutch have been sending 100,000 tulips to Canada every year since 1945, to say thank you for sheltering Princess Juliana for 3 years during WWII.
6. I like how at first, the tulips stand up straight and are all linear, but after a few days, the stems start to bend, and they go in all different directions.  Very architectural.

    It was my birthday last week, and Ian and my friends bought me some tulips.  Look at how gorgeous these are!

    Cuteness Alert: My Milk Toof

    It’s Monday morning, and if you’re like me, you need a little distraction.  So check out My Milk Toof – the undeniably adorable animated photo stories created by Inhae.  Follow the adventures of Ickle and Lardee as they go on big adventures, build snowmen, and get into trouble.   If you don’t think this is irresistibly cute, there’s something wrong with you.

    Get a Tune Up

    I sit in front of a glowing box (aka – my computer, which I refer to as “the hot snot” – but that’s a story for another time) for hours and hours at a time.  And that eventually takes its toll on my neck, back, shoulders, and forearms.  I love my regular Pilates, which usually works out the kinks… but every once and a while, I need a serious tune up.

    So I go see Michelle Yee, aka The Soft Mechanic.  Michelle is an amazing Registered Massage Therapist, and she works out of her home, which is in my neighbourhood.  So I can just walk over, which I love.

    Michelle is so friendly and lovely.  And she has a great mix on her iPod of Feist, Ryan Adams, and Great Lake Swimmers, which she plays during my massage.  Because that “spa music” with the birds and classical music is SO overrated.

    Women I Admire: Stephanie

    I met Stephanie Daga a couple years ago in a Ladies Who Launch incubator session.  Back then, she was a bit shy and timid about her makeup services company, BlushPretty.  Well, things have changed for Stephanie!  In less than two years, she’s built a small empire.  Stephanie’s grown the company to include 8 team members, a very active website/blog, regular “Beauty Board” events, an online store, and many appearances in local print media and on TV.  Oh yeah, and in the middle of all this, she still finds time to raise her two kids and dog, and also makes her own lip balm by hand in her kitchen.

    I am impressed and inspired by Stephanie’s ambition and drive!

    Stephanie did my hair and makeup for my sister’s wedding last summer.  And just look how well that turned out!  =)

    Discount Travel Emails

    Every Wednesday, I get three special emails in my inbox, listing the best travel deals that week: TravelAlerts (specific to Toronto), TravelZoo Top 20 Deals (the Canadian edition), and TravelZoo Top 20 Deals (the US edition).  Sometimes the deals from the US TravelZoo are so good, it’s worth the drive to Buffalo.

    I’ve never actually booked a trip from one of these emails, but it’s nice to know what’s on sale.  And it’s a lovely 5-minute break to read the deals, and dream about traveling…

    You can sign up for the emails by clicking on the links below:


    TravelZoo (Canada)

    TravelZoo (US)