The Story of Jess & Russ

The amazing letterer and illustrator Jessica Hische is getting hitched to her longtime boyfriend, interaction designer Russ Maschmeyer, later this summer.  As a way to chronicle their love story, they of course collaborated (with a bunch of super talented friends) on a gorgeous website.  Give yourself a good 15-20 minutes to read through this, clicking on all the links.  It’s so lovely.

Creative Kid Photos

I love these pics that photographer Jason Lee took of his kids.  Of course, many (or even all) of them have been photoshopped, but the sheer creativity that must have gone into each image is so evident.  I bet the kids loved taking part, and seeing the results.  My favourite is the one of the girls reading the “For Dummies” books (above).

You can read an interview with the photographer here, and see even more of his photos on Flickr.

[thanks for sharing, Lisa!]