Toronto “city neighbourhood” Poster

Ork Posters makes amazing prints (sometimes screen printed, sometimes professionally printed) of cities, broken down by their neighbourhoods.  I got an email this morning saying that the Toronto posters they were working on are finally available!  Complete with all 178 Toronto neighbourhoods.  I am most definitely getting one of these… I just have to choose which colour combo I like the best: brown and gold, or red and white?  I’m leaning towards brown and gold…

update: I did order the brown and gold one!  Can’t wait for it to arrive.  Now I just have to think of where I’m going to hang it…

4 thoughts on “Toronto “city neighbourhood” Poster”

  1. Thanks for this update! I have long coveted the San Francisco version and am excited to know that there’s finally one for Toronto.

  2. Awesome! I’m still waiting for the Burlington version. Any idea how long it will be and where I can get it?

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