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Up until last week, I was pretty convinced that we didn’t need a specialty diaper bag for the tadpole.  We have a few different messenger bags, so we thought we could just stash our gear in one of those.

That was, until we saw a diaper bag made by Skip*Hop when we were in Mortimer Snodgrass in Montreal on Saturday.  This diaper bag was so cool – it straps right onto your stroller handles (and also has a detachable shoulder strap if you’d prefer to carry it), it has a million compartments that actually look useful, and the geometric pattern we chose looks good (important, of course).  The price-point is decent at $65.  I’ve seen diaper bags in shops for twice that much.  So of course, we bought it, and also picked up the matching Pronto Changing Station kit.

I’m now checking out the Skip*Hop website, and will have to definitely restrain myself from going nuts buying more of their products.  The NY-based company makes award-winning, well-designed, safe, and attractive gear for babies and tots, and they donate a portion of all proceeds to charity.

I’m sure there’s a shop (or two, or three) in Toronto that carries Skip*Hop, or you can order online through Mortimer Snodgrass.

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  1. Great choice! We have a Skip*Hop diaper bag too and I love it. Still looks as great as the day we got it too. Got ours at a cute baby boutique here in Cambridge, owned by friends of my sis-in-law.

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