Mortimer Snodgrass

I first read about Montreal-based retail shop Mortimer Snodgrass in a magazine a few years ago (the store is named after the owners’ dog).  Since then, I’ve ordered items off their website a few times (since they’re not far away, shipping is easy and cheap).  I purchased the Lug travel wallets for my bridesmaids as a giftie, and I’ve ordered stocking stuffers from their wide selection of goofy Fred products.

Even though I’ve been ordering online from them for years, I’ve never actually been to the store.  I was thrilled to find that Mortimer Snodgrass was right around the corner from our hotel in old Montreal this past weekend.  I wasn’t really surprised by any of their merchandise, as it’s all available on their website, but I was happy to visit the store in person and chat with the friendly sales staff.

Next time you need a prezzie and you’re in Montreal, visit the shop.  Or be like me and order online!

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