Mutual Admiration Society


Don’t you just love it when someone you admire and respect thinks that you are cool too?  That happened to me about a month ago, when I received a lovely email from Alanna Cavanagh, the illustrator and printmaker.  She told me that she loved the website I designed and built for The Soft Mechanic (aka my super amazing RMT Michelle Yee).  I was tickled pink to hear that someone I think is so great in turn thought that my work was great.  *blush!*

Alanna and I have something in common in our love for Michelle – she really is THE BEST.  Alanna recently wrote more about how awesome Michelle is on her blog (and mentioned me in a small way too).  What a lovely lovely post.  Mutual admiration society, indeed.

[ps – according to this post on Alanna’s blog, her wildly popular holiday tea towels at the Bay have spawned a “capsule collection” at the Bay, available in April.  I’m not exactly sure what a capsule collection is, but if she’s behind it, you know it’s going to be rad.]

[image of Alanna Cavanagh’s A Room of One’s Own print, hanging in the treatment room at Michelle’s home studio, c/o Alanna’s blog]

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