Being a Dad is Seriously Cool


I read a few parenting websites, magazines, and the occasional book about parenting.  One trend I’ve noticed recently – there’s a real emphasis on Dads.  Particularly stay-at-home Dads, or Dads-as-primary (or at least equal) caregiver.  Two examples I’ve seen in the last few days: style blogs are blowing up with the launch of Kindling Quarterly,  a new magazine about “exploring fatherhood”.  And this “I’m Daddy and I Know It” video of a Utah Dad looking after his 5 kids (including triplets!) has gone viral on YouTube.

The magazine and the video seem unrelated (an uber-hip Brooklyn publication and a suburban Dad in a minivan) but they definitely have one thing in common – they’re unapologetic.  They seem to say “Hey, we’re Dads, we’re proud, and we’re here to stay.”  As Kindling Quarterly says, “men who are active caregivers are not a novelty.”

I LOVE this.  I see more and more Dads on the playgrounds and at playgroups here in Leslieville, and in our house, parenting is a completely equal task.  This is groundbreaking stuff for our generation, and modern Dads need our support and encouragement.

[image of Bill Cosby as Dr. Cliff Huxtable – one of the most awesome Dads ever (fictional, but still awesome)]

2 thoughts on “Being a Dad is Seriously Cool”

  1. I’m glad that the cultural and media landscape is finally beginning to realize that “fatherhood” isn’t simply a fad. As a “modern-day father”, I always felt that I was being simplified to fit into either the “Doofus Dad” or “Mr. Mom” category. I will readily admit that I am both (posts on my site can testify to this fact). But I am also much more.

    I cannot wait to see KQ take off.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more there, Mickey. I’m looking through your blog now – fantastic! Keep rockin’ fatherhood.

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