Make Your Gloves Work With Your iPhone



Here’s a real Canadian nerd problem if I’ve ever seen one – I can’t use my iPhone when I’m wearing my winter gloves.  And with the weather we’ve been having lately in Toronto, that’s a serious issue!

I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of gloves that has touchscreen-friendly fingers, but most of the ones I’ve seen are really ugly or really expensive. I wished I could wear my normal gloves (which I love) but still use my phone.  I was about to order this DIY touchscreen glove kit (saw it on Swiss Miss), but then I saw these GloveTips on 50% sale at Indigo. I figured, for $10, why not give ’em a try?

They came in the mail today, and I put them on my favourite blue snowflake gloves.  I can happily report that the GloveTips totally work!   Of course, I don’t have the same dexterity as bare hands, but it’s a pretty good solution.  Score!

Get your GloveTips on half-price blowout at Indigo, if you want to try them yourself.

2 thoughts on “Make Your Gloves Work With Your iPhone”

  1. Wouldn’t they come off eventually from extensive use (if I understand correctly that they’re to adhere to the gloves like sticky items, not snapping kind)?

  2. Nope, they actually snap in. There’s a “backing” that goes inside the gloves that the front part adheres to. I’ve been using them for a couple weeks now, and they really do work!

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