Look What I Made This Weekend

On Saturday morning, the sun was shining, so Ian and I took Isabel to Cherry Beach for a romp in the park.  I remembered that I lost my favourite hat last winter, and didn’t replace it, so I had to wear an old one that doesn’t fully cover my ears, and I was chilly!

I decided to knit myself a new hat, and found this gorgeous pattern on Ravelry.com.  It’s a cable stitch pattern that matches the Irish Hiking Scarf I’m working on for Ian.  It was a quick piece – I knit it up in 24 hours.  I think it looks quite good!

I’m halfway done Ian’s scarf, and once I finish that, I’ll make one for myself, and a hat for him.  Then we’ll really be matching in our hats and scarves (different colours though).

[apologies for the bad iPhone photos]

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