On my Christmas List: The Exquisite Book

Okay, Halloween’s over, Thanksgiving in Canada was last month… so now we can all turn our full attention to Christmas!  Yippee!  I can be quite a romantic about Christmas – the lights, the tree, the food, the (fingers crossed) snow, time spent with friends and family… I really do love it all.

One thing I do NOT love is shopping malls at Christmas time, so I try to do all my shopping months in advance, with most of it online.  While I’m perusing for others, it’s hard not to notice a few things I would like for myself… so here’s item one on my Christmas List: The Exquisite Book.  The book features one hundred contributing contemporary fine artists, illustrators, designers and comic artists, all working kind of together (for more info about the book and how they all came together, click here).

I think it looks amazing, and it will be very hard not to cut out certain pages and hang the artwork on the wall.  Maybe I should ask Santa for two copies…

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