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27 January 2015 | 0 Comments

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I just ordered a whole bunch of promo material for Camp Tech (business cards, stickers, mailing labels) from They’re having a 25% off sale for everything on the whole site (including the really thick “luxe” products). The sale ends at midnight tonight, so get your order in.

My Holiday Cards Arrived!

13 November 2013 | 0 Comments


After my post a few of weeks ago about ordering holiday cards from Tiny Prints, I got my butt in gear, corralled the family for a photo, and placed my order.  I was so happy to see the final product when they arrived yesterday!

I ended up picking this design, since it worked really well with our photo (and I really wanted to try the Pearl White Shimmer Paper, which looks fantastic).

I’m so happy with the final product, and can’t wait to send these out to our friends and family this holiday season. So they can laugh at Clara’s total Rod Stewart hair.

You can get 20% off your Tiny Prints order (and 25% off if your order is over $149) until midnight tomorrow, November 14, when you use promo code SW1114. Happy shopping!

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, who I’ve been a fan of for many years. Thank you! 

Time to Start Thinking About Ordering Holiday Cards

23 October 2013 | 1 Comment


Yep, it’s that time of year again. It’s chilly outside. Thanksgiving is passed (here in Canada, anyway) and Halloween is around the corner. And I’ve started thinking about Holiday Cards.  You know I love making personalized photo Holiday Cards online, and my go-to spot is Tiny Prints.  Three years ago my order got held up at the border (which is a problem with customs, not with the supplier) so Tiny Prints quickly reprinted the order and sent me replacement cards with expedited shipping, at no extra cost. Now that’s customer service.

I was poking around Tiny Prints’ website, checking out the new designs for 2013. I love the ornament cards, pearl white shimmer and doublethick matte paper cards, and clear cards (how cool is that?). It’s also super cool that Tiny Prints has cards by designers I love, like Dwell Studio, Lotta Jansdotter and Rifle Paper Co (remember these ones I made two years ago with a Rifle Paper Co design? Swoon.)

Of course, one of the most important choices is which photo to use on your cards. We’ll probably do a little family photo shoot in the next week or so (my brother-in-law takes excellent photos). And then I’ll have to make my choice! Right now my favourite cards are the ones pictured above:

1. Shining String ornament card
2. Yuletide Cheer flat card
3. Pure Snowflakes clear card
4. Gleeful Glitter ornament card
5. Blissful Blizzard tri-fold
6. Golden Holiday flat card
7. Merry Snow Globe ornament card

I promise to let you know which one I pick, and how they turn out!  PS – if you’re having trouble picking a design, you can get 3 free samples to help you choose. Use promo code 3FREESAMPLES for that deal.

A Print Edition of Covet Garden

29 May 2013 | 1 Comment


Do you know Covet Garden, the monthly online magazine showcasing cool people in their homes (that aren’t done up by decorators – these are real people in their real environments)?  My company Camp Tech regularly advertises in the magazine, and they’ve featured my amazing RMT Michelle in an issue.  I really do love Covet Garden!

So of course I was super excited to hear they’re going to do a special print edition, called Covet Garden Home, which will be available this winter.

To make sure you get your copy, contribute to their IndieGoGo campaign.  A $30 contribution gets you a copy of Covet Garden Home, delivered to your door.  I’ve already contributed, and really think you should too.

I Love Getting Mail

21 November 2012 | 0 Comments

What could be better than returning home from a great mini holiday?  Returning home from a great mini holiday to find some prezzies in the mail!  My designer pal Luke sent me some of his “Don’t Stop Believing” Christmas cards (remember when I mentioned them a couple weeks ago?), and also included a very special “Last Christmas” record EP card.  Luke, how did you know that’s one of my favourite Christmas tunes?  The video is epic. (And ridiculous.  Look at George Michael’s hair.)

Remember that time a few years ago when I took a one-day letterpress workshop, and totally sucked at it?  Since then, I’ve had HUGE respect for those that do their own printing well.  Add Luke Despatie to that group.  And, he was recently featured on the cover of Design Edge Canada as one of “Ten Young Designers To Watch”.  Buy Luke’s letterpress prints online on his Etsy shop.

My Favourite DIY Paper and Card Websites

6 November 2012 | 0 Comments

Every year I like to make custom Christmas Cards and photo gifts for friends and family.  And even though I’m a professional designer, and could design them myself and have them printed locally, I almost always go with a DIY option online.  A friend asked today what some of my favourites are, so I thought I’d share with all of you.

Christmas Cards and Party Invitations
For years, I used Tiny Prints for Christmas Cards and party invites.  I LOVE them – their paper stock is amazing, print quality is top notch, and they have wonderful customer service.  One year my entire order was held up at the border (a fault of Canadian Customs, not Tiny Prints), and they reprinted my cards, had them express shipped, and refunded the cost for the entire thing.  That’s AMAZING service.  I love Tiny Prints.  But, just to mix things up a bit, I’ve decided to try Minted for my Christmas Cards this year.  I’ve ordered them and they should arrive next week.  I’ll let you know how they compare.

If you want to try Minted too, here’s a link for $25 off your order. 

Photo Gifts
Every year I make a family calendar for my mother-in-law, and I use the calendar maker in Apple’s iPhoto software.  The calendars are nice and big, and the photo quality is great.  I also used Pinhole Press to make a desktop calendar for my Dad last Christmas.  The paper quality from Pinhole is unrivalled, but the shipping rates from the States could be prohibitive.

Photo Magnets
Normally  I’m not a big fan of Vistaprint – I find the quality of the product to be kind of junky.  This is definitely a case of “you get what you pay for”.  I did make some photo magnets (I used the business card magnet template, but uploaded a picture instead – it’s cheaper than their photo magnet option) of my nephew a few years ago, and they turned out pretty good.  I’m going to try it again with Clara’s school photos, just as soon as I get the image files from the photographer.

Photo Books
I’ve tried most of the DIY photo book options out there (iPhoto, MyPublisher, Blurb) and my favourite for all-around quality and value is Blurb.  I like their Bookmaker Software, but some less-computer-savvy people I know say they find it difficult to use, and prefer the software from MyPublisher.

Have you made photo gifts or cards online?  Any services you’d recommend?

[image above of this holiday card from Minted]


Rad Christmas Cards

2 November 2012 | 1 Comment

You know once Halloween’s over, it’s time for the Christmas barrage!  I honestly don’t mind it – I love those fancy drinks in red cups at Starbucks, and seeing twinkly lights brighten up a dark cloudy sky makes me happy.

So, in time for the season, check out these rad Christmas cards by my design pal Luke Despatie. Hilarious.

MOO Summer Sale – 30% off Everything!

11 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Whoa – 30% off everything at MOO, even including “luxe” business cards.  I’m going to place another order of the ones I got back in February.  And I might get some stickers too, just for fun!  The sale is on until July 14.

My New Moo Luxe Business Cards

28 February 2012 | 3 Comments

As you regular readers know, I’m such a big fan of Moo, the hip online printing company for business cards, postcards, labels and stickers, etc etc.  So when they launched their new “luxe” business cards, of course I had to order some.  They’re printed on the most gorgeous thick paper – we’re talking thicker than card stock.  And the printing and color and trimming are top-notch.  There’s really no way to get a fancier business card for such a good price (well, other than maybe using letterpress or a die-cut or a foil finish or spot UV, but those things can be mega expensive).

I designed the front and back of my “luxe” business cards myself, ’cause I know how do that. But you don’t have to. As always with Moo, they have some gorgeous designs and illustrations on their site that you can customize for yourself – no graphic design skills needed.

I love my kooky mini-cards, and will still continue to hand those out.  But when I really need to make a statement that reflects my business (and the premium I charge for my services), these “luxe” cards are perfect.  They make me look goooooooood.

Click here to get 10% off your order.

Rifle Paper Co for Tiny Prints

3 November 2011 | 1 Comment

I’ve always wanted personalized holiday cards from Rifle Paper Co, and this year, I got my wish!  No, I didn’t splurge on the custom illustrations – I made my own custom cards using Rifle’s collection on Tiny Prints.

I’ve used Tiny Prints to make my holiday photo cards for the past few years. They print on nice paper, have good designs, and excellent customer service. So I was beyond excited to see that Rifle Paper Co did a line of designs for them for DIY holiday cards. It was like an early Christmas present. (seriously, I’m such a paper nerd)

I picked this one and added a photo of our family. Seriously easy.  Now I can’t wait for them to arrive.

[Yes, I know I’m a bit neurotic for ordering my holiday cards this early. But there was a promo code, so I got them done quickly! ]