Rifle Paper Co for Tiny Prints

I’ve always wanted personalized holiday cards from Rifle Paper Co, and this year, I got my wish!  No, I didn’t splurge on the custom illustrations – I made my own custom cards using Rifle’s collection on Tiny Prints.

I’ve used Tiny Prints to make my holiday photo cards for the past few years. They print on nice paper, have good designs, and excellent customer service. So I was beyond excited to see that Rifle Paper Co did a line of designs for them for DIY holiday cards. It was like an early Christmas present. (seriously, I’m such a paper nerd)

I picked this one and added a photo of our family. Seriously easy.  Now I can’t wait for them to arrive.

[Yes, I know I’m a bit neurotic for ordering my holiday cards this early. But there was a promo code, so I got them done quickly! ]

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