Wall Decals for the Baby’s Room

I promise to not go too baby-crazy here on the blog, but I had to share this.  I don’t read too many baby websites or blogs (I find them a bit overwhelming), but I do love OhDeeDoh – a website made by the folks behind Apartment Therapy.  It’s like a design blog for kids’ stuff, and it’s full of great ideas.

I saw this post on OhDeeDoh, featuring a baby’s nursery with bright blue walls and cool white tree decals (wall stickers).  I loved the wall stickers so much, I wrote a comment asking where they got them.  They came from “Designed Designer’s” Etsy shop, which is full of amazing decals for baby’s rooms. I love wall decals – they look so cool, and are so easy to put up and remove later.

I am most definitely going to get one of these for our baby’s room – now I just have to choose which one!  I really like the birch trees with owls (pictured above), the woodland tree with owl, the birch trees with deer, and the safari playground.  Aren’t they too cute?  Visit the Designed Designer Etsy shop to see them all.

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