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I was at a women’s small business event on Tuesday night, where I met Marnie Consky, owner and designer of Thigh Society.  This gal has the BEST idea – sick of getting “chub rub” (that horrible expression for the chafing that happens on your thighs when you wear skirts and dresses in the summertime), she came up with an undergarment that is not tight and hot like shapewear or bike shorts.  They’re “chic, sleek, lightweight shorts to wear under your skirts, dresses and pants for all-day comfort.”

That’s a picture of Marnie above, from an article about her and her business that ran in the Toronto Star last May.

You can find Thigh Society in a few specialty shops, or just order online.  I am definitely getting a pair (or two) ASAP!

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  1. Hi Avery,

    Thanks for the Thigh Society mention! We’re low on some stock right now but anticipate getting a new shipment before the end of March. Feel free to “like” our Facebook page ( to find out about upcoming sales and promotions.

    Comfortably yours,
    Marnie Consky
    Owner/Designer, Thigh Society

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