Amazon River Luxury Cruise

10 February 2012 | 8 Comments

I saw a picture of this cruise ship on Pinterest and my jaw dropped.  It has 16 luxury suites, and it cruises the northern Amazon River in Peru. Sign me up, please!

8 Responses on “Amazon River Luxury Cruise”

  1. michelle says:

    I can’t believe this exists. If I had a bucket of money to throw around, I’d book us both a ticket!

  2. Avery says:

    I know – isn’t it gorgeous? If we become bajillionaires, we should buy out the whole boat for us and our friends. =)

  3. michelle says:

    Can we have a Boat Butler, too?

  4. Avery says:

    I have a feeling the boat probably comes with a butler… and a lot more service staff.

  5. Dean says:

    I saw this boat a couple of weeks ago, while swinging in my hammock with 3oo others aboard a cargo ship going down the Amazon in Peru. I must admit, when I saw it, I was envious for a moment, until I remembered I paid $40 for my passage fee.
    I am traveling the whole course of the Amazon, from source to the mouth. If you want to see photos or read my columns, please visit my web site;
    Cheers from Manaus Brazil

  6. Avery says:

    Great website Dean! If I’m ever actually planning a trip to the Amazon, I’ll check out your tips. Thanks for reading.

  7. Hi all,

    This is certainly one of the most luxurious ways to adventure into the Peruvian Amazon, but there are all sorts of options for travelers on every budget 🙂

    Come down and see us!

  8. Avery says:

    Thanks Emily!

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