Thigh Society For The Win!

Back in February, I wrote a blog post about meeting Marnie Consky, owner of Thigh Society.  Shortly after that post, I ordered a pair of the black bamboo undergarments. But it hasn’t been skirt and dress weather until recently, when I really got to try them out.  This past weekend was lovely and warm, so I wore a dress with my Thigh Society undergarments.

I’ve gotta say – I LOVE THIGH SOCIETY.  They were airy and comfortable – not clingy (and sometimes sweaty) like Spanx. I am so happy that I can now rock skirts and dresses all summer long.  I’m ordering at least two more pairs of Thigh Society right away!

[ps – this is not a sponsored post.  I’m not getting a kick-back for this – I honestly just love this product.  Image from Thigh Society’s Facebook page]

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