How to Get Your Business Online If You Can’t Afford a Web Designer

Seems a bit weird for me, a professional web designer, to be offering alternatives to working with a web designer, right?  But honestly, sometimes you really don’t need (or can’t afford) a pro.  For some good tips on how to get your business online without hiring a web professional, check out this article I wrote for the Crave Company.

Want even more info? I’ll be speaking at this event in a couple weeks:

Online Money-Makers
These days you can fulfill all your shopping desires with the click of a mouse. You can purchase those new shoes or the next book club read—even your groceries—online. We love online shopping, but what does it take to run a successful e-commerce business? We will discuss the best way to market an online business, how to connect with clients without in-person face time, and top online merchant systems. With so many options for online shopping, how do you make your product or service stand out?

I’m part of a panel that includes Lisa from RentFrockRepeat and Melanie from Mildred & Doris. Seriously, check out these women’s businesses – so cool.  I’m thrilled to be in their company for the evening.  Full details for the Online Money-Maker event and registration here.

Happy long weekend!

[img cloony goes world wide web by Martin Waldbauer]

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