Take a Wanderlust Break With Me


It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, and I’ve had a ridiculously productive morning and early afternoon.  But usually around this time of day, I need to take a mental break.  A lot of people go on Facebook, or look at celebrity news, or fashion blogs, or play on Pinterest when they need a break from work.  Not me – I look for dreamy vacation rentals on Airbnb.  Want to go on a wanderlust journey with me?  Here are a few gorgeous places I’ve found…

1. John Steinbeck’s Writer’s Studio (in Pacific Grove, near Monterey, California). This adorable rental has enough appeal on its own (lovely location, cute as a button, and well priced, for California) but take it one step further… this place used to be owned by John Steinbeck. He used it as his writer’s studio while he worked on The Sea of Cortez.  Couldn’t you imagine cozying up there and tucking in to some good books?  Or if you need a little more space, you can rent the Traveler’s Cottage next door, also previously owned by Steinbeck.

2. This refreshingly crisp, all-white apartment in Puerto Vallarta has a rooftop deck with gorgeous views of the Bay of Banderas. I LOVE Puerto Vallarta. Bookmarked.

3. Lately I’ve been really intrigued by Scandinavia, and Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm are pretty high on my list.  If I ever get over there, I would love to stay in this houseboat in Stockholm. It’s not super cheap, but it has a lot of room (looks perfect for families with young children) and you can’t beat the waterside patio, with swimming or ice skating right outside your window.

[image above of Steinbeck’s Writer’s Studio]

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