How Do You Display Your Kids’ Artwork?



Now 2.5 years old, Clara has been bringing home some masterpieces from art time at daycare.  I’d love to display them somewhere, but am a bit baffled as to the best way to do so.  I’m a big fan of gallery walls with Ribba frames from Ikea – they’re cheap enough that I don’t mind when someone accidentally knocks a piece off the wall, and the frame or the glass breaks.  So I was thinking of doing a gallery wall with Ikea frames, and then I remembered this blog post from Apartment Therapy from a few years ago, featuring Lil Davinci frames.

The idea is to create a gallery wall, where you can easily sub new pieces in and out, as your kid comes home with more and more masterpieces.  What a great idea.  I’m totally going to order a set – I just have to decide what sizes to go with.

[pictured above: Lil Davinci photos via the website; and a snapshot of my favourite piece of Clara’s artwork so far. Entitled “Q-tip Ants”, it’s awesome. She’s very monochromatic, and likes to use one colour at a time. Right now she’s in her black phase.]

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