Summer Road Trips

All this hot weather we’ve been enjoying lately has me thinking about our summer plans.  While Ian and I don’t like to take big trips in the summer (we prefer to travel in the off-season to avoid crowds), we do like to fill our summer weekends with fun activities.  A friend put this up on Facebook yesterday:  the Top 10 One-Day Road Trips from Toronto.

How cool are some of these?  Despite the obvious choices (Collingwood, Muskoka), there are some other, closer alternatives.  I went to Belfountain when I was a teenager – I remember getting an ice cream and playing in a stream.  And I’ve always wanted to go to Picton – I hear it’s foodie heaven out there in Prince Edward County.  The only thing I see missing from this list is Creemore – it’s a great day’s drive from the city, and you can visit the brewery and poke around in the small town.  The Mad River Tea House isn’t there anymore though – they moved to Collingwood.

Above photo of the suspension bridge at Belfountain Conservation Area by Flickr user Snuffy

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