Discounts and deals!

Happy almost weekend!  I wish I was at a lake, jumping off a dock like those guys up there.  That photo was taken from the Dockjumping Blog.  See, there really is a blog out there for everything.

Sorry, I don’t have a Funny on Friday today.  Instead, I bring you 3 deals that I came across this week – that should cheer you up if you’re stuck at your desk, wishing you could be jumping off a dock instead, like me:

1. Moo printing: 15% off your entire order.  That’s amazing.  Use promo code 2TP2XN.  It expires at midnight on Monday, so get shopping!

2. Joe Fresh Style: $10 off if you spend $50 or more.  The coupon expires on June 15, so you have some time.  You have to sign up for their email newsletters to get the coupon:

3. Daily Groupon deals: I signed up for this daily email service, which sends you a “group coupon” aka a Groupon.  Every day a new deal for somewhere in Toronto is published.  Some days I take a quick look at the offer, and the delete it, as it doesn’t interest me.  But some days the deals are amazing – I got a ridiculous deal on a spa package last week, and this week I saw a good deal at a neighbourhood restaurant.  Check it out:

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