Rock Out: Broken Social Scene

It’s been 5 years since their last album, so I couldn’t help myself from pre-ordering the new Broken Social Scene album, Forgiveness Rock Record.  I probably would have ordered it anyway, but when their website told me that I’d also get a digital version of Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights (a bonus 10-track EP) if I preordered.  So that’s like getting 2 albums, all for 12 bucks.  I can handle that.

Want to give it a listen before buying?  You can hear the whole album on the BSS website here, or on here.

Yep, I know it’s a total hipster cliche to like Broken Social Scene.  But I really don’t care.  I like the music.  It’s not my fault that they’re the most uber-cool band this side of Montreal.

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