Hide the Credit Cards: Target

When we head out on our little long-weekend “Art, Architecture and Outlet Malls” trip on Friday, I’m going to make sure we pop into at least one (if not more) Target locations.  Ooops, I mean “Tar-jay”.  (sidenote – I get the joke, it’s a cheap store with amazing deals and designer stuff, but seriously, the “Tar-jay” thing is getting a bit old)

I’m going to be on the lookout for this red dress for my friend Jen from the newly launched Zac Posen line.  But mostly, I’m super-pumped for Dwell Studio.  I’m hoping to get a new duvet cover for our bedroom – but which one to choose?  Look at all those choices (and there are many many more than just in that picture up there).  And maybe even a new rug for our dining room, since Isabel chewed our Pottery Barn one when she was a puppy.

I hope I can find some of the Liberty of London collection too.  How cute would these pillows be on the couch in my office?

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