OMG, Netflix is Coming to Canada!

Just read this on Toronto Life’s Hype Blog – Netflix is bringing its movie and TV-show streaming website to Canada in the fall.  I’ve always been jealous of Americans with the service – pay a low monthly fee (in the States it’s $9 per month) and you can stream unlimited movies and TV shows online. Netflix isn’t bringing its DVD-in-the-mail service up here, but that’s okay – we have already.  It’s the streaming that I’m excited about.

If Ian wasn’t addicted to sports, I would completely replace our cable TV service with Netflix streaming.  We have a PS3 video game system, and in the States at least, Netflix can stream through the PS3.  So we should be able to watch on our TV.  And if not, I’m happy with streaming on my two computers.

Want to know more?  Go to and sign up for updates.  They’ll let us all know when the service is coming.

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