Eat My Words Treat Boxes

Last week, I helped my friends Vic and Malia set up a website.  Their electric scooter was stolen, and they wanted a website to post videos, photos, and comments (all in an attempt to get some media coverage for their plight.  Crazy – it worked!)

I didn’t expect anything in return – Vic and Malia are great people, and I wanted to help them out.  But, being the awesome people they are, they sent me a gift basket from Eat My Words, featuring 12 beautiful mini-cupcakes in a gorgeous hat box.  (And they were dropped off by a really cute delivery boy – extra bonus)

And the best part of all of it – the proceeds from each and every Eat My Words treat box go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  So I can feel less guilty about eating 12 cupcakes at once (just kidding… kind of).

Now if only Vic and Malia can get their scooter back – then all will be right in the world.

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