My new favourite pub in Toronto

A few months ago, friends suggested we have lunch at a pub in the Upper Beaches. They said it had a killer whisky list, and we needed to check it out. I’m so glad we did – this is now my new favourite pub in the city.

It’s called The Feathers and from the outside, it’s nondescript. You’d never know what treasures are inside – amongst the worn but cozy interior is the most insane whisky selection. They have over 350 single malts (300 of them are not available at the LCBO).Don’t like scotch? They have a decent beer list too, including Fuller’s on tap (which can be hard to find in Toronto). The food is simple and delicious pub fare (mmmmm cottage pie) and the walls are covered with photos from Scotland. Between the atmosphere, the photos and the whisky, The Feathers warms my heart.

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