My must-have tech and electronics for traveling

I travel a lot, for work and for fun. I did a quick search on my TripIt app (my must-have for coordinating my travel itineraries) and I took 39 flights in the last year. Wowza! Here’s a list of the tech and electronics I pack for my voyages.

Away carry-on suitcase
Away makes “smart” suitcases (they have battery packs in them for charging your devices on the go) but that’s not what I love most about my Away carry-on. I adore the suitcase for its durability and packing compartments. Away is a startup by two women, and their thoughtful attention to design and detail is in evident in every aspect of the bag.

iPad Pro
If I’m on a trip where I don’t need all the software of my laptop (I’m looking at you, Photoshop), I’ll bring an iPad Pro instead. I load it up with movies and TV shows for in-flight entertainment, and can easily write articles and emails when I attach the “magic” keyboard. I like the split-screen function for productivity and being able to save and access files in a folder was a big iOS game changer for me.

Bose QC 35 wireless noise cancelling headphones
These are huge and I always feel like a dork wearing giant over-ear headphones, but they’re super comfortable and work well. The sound is rich, the noise cancellation is phenomenal on planes, and putting them on is the universal sign for “leave me alone please”.

Kindle Oasis eReader
Yes, I could read on the iPad, and even though I like to pack light I often will bring both a tablet and an eReader with me. The Kindle Oasis is a gorgeous device. Lightweight, slim, and waterproof. That’s a huge deal for me – I love to read in the bath and don’t have to worry about splashes or dropping the device in the water.

Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer
I have a million hair styling tools (curling wands, hair straighteners, hot rollers, and more) but when I’m on the road I don’t have enough space to bring all those with me. I pack the Dyson SuperSonic hair dryer, because it’s amazing, but also because it’s small. It dries my hair super fast, and then I pop on the “styling concentrator” attachment and use a round brush to give myself a blow-out that rivals a salon. Seriously. It’s the only hair tool I need to pack.

Photo of a plane over Toronto, taken on a flight home from Seattle last year.

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