Midair Art

Shinichi Maruyama makes the most gorgeous art out of throwing water and ink.  Yep, he throws liquids and takes pictures and video of the shapes they create.  Sounds kind of kooky, but the results are spectacular.  He calls them “Kusho” or “writing in the sky”.

I read about Maruyama and his work on Robert Krulwich’s “NPR sciencey blog”, and Krulwich says:

But if chemistry does the work, these shapes come from Maruyama. He sculpts them. He has an image in his head and some instinct, some deep knowledge of water, time, muscle tells him how to move so that these shapes can form, then hang momentarily in the air until the pull of the planet drags them (gently when viewed in this high speed camera) back to Earth.  Maruyama’s work is most beautiful when his forms begin to fall apart.

Isn’t that beautiful?  [the] work is most beautiful when it begins to fall apart. Lovely.

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  1. This is awesome stuff!! I must say Avery your blog is the most riveting personal blog I’ve ever followed…fresh unique and mesmerizing stuff always!!

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