Pocket Squares by Gary Taxali

Gary Taxali Pocket Squares

I really like Gary Taxali. And I really like these Canadian cities pocket squares he made for Harry Rosen. Of course, they’re expensive, and I have no use for them (I don’t usually wear suits, not to mention pocket squares). But I can admire from afar, right?  Or I could buy giclee prints of the pieces. But somehow hanging art on the wall just isn’t as cool as wearing it.

[via Toronto Life]


20×200 is back online!



Well, kind of.  20×200 is dead hibernating and the team behind it has just launched You Should Buy Art, a similar site that’s in beta while the new 20×200 is being worked on. You can jump over there right now and get some very affordable art that was leftover from 20×200’s demise. Like Christian Chaize’s Praia Piquina or Sharon Montrose’s adorable Baby Deer. I’d love to have both Kite Hill and First Snow by Paul Octavious, pictured above.

Looks like they’re not shipping to Canada though. Boo.

Super Cool Photos of Old and New Toronto


Toronto tech executive Harry Enchin has a cool hobby.  He takes old photos of Toronto (from the City’s archives) and recreates the photos, standing in the same spot in the city, in present day. Then he pulls both images into Photoshop and mixes parts of the old photo with the new. The results are sometimes poignant, sometimes witty (like the one above) and always interesting.

Read about the project here, and see many more images here.

[blog post idea and image above via Toronto Life]

Kinnon Elliott Illustration Prints at Telegramme


There’s a new series of prints available at Telegramme (the awesome graphic arts shop in Leslieville), and they’re by none other than my bestest pal, Kinnon Elliott.  The prints are from her Toronto’s My Home and Toronto Library series.  I think I need one of each.  Kinnon, I am so proud of you!

[image from Telegramme’s Facebook page]