Meg Mateo Ilasco’s Thoughts on Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

YES!  That’s how I felt when I read Meg Mateo Ilasco’s guest post (Lessons About Motherhood & Business) on Design*Sponge on Tuesday. For any of you out there who are sometimes rocking and sometimes struggling with motherhood and also running your own business, you NEED to read this.  My favourite parts:

“As a mother and entrepreneur, you’ll have limited quantities of resources, time, and energy. Choose your projects and commitments carefully. If it’s not something you want to do or have time to do, then simply don’t do it. And don’t beat yourself up with comparisons.”

“Yes, children should come first, but . . . sometimes so should your business!”

” You need time away from the kids and business; you need time for yourself. The trick to this: schedule it regularly — like you would your son’s t-ball game.”

“Becoming a great designer, blogger, entrepreneur, or mother rarely happens overnight! Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the other side, or you’ll miss the point completely.”

If you enjoyed the article, order her new book, Mom, Inc. – The Essential Guide to Running A Successful Business from Home. (I’m going to put it on my shelf next to the other book I have by Meg, Creative, Inc.)

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