I gots an iPad

And no, it’s not an iPad2.

I usually think it’s a good idea to not buy first generation Apple products, as the second generations tend to have better features (and are usually cheaper). So I held off on getting an iPad for a year, just patiently waiting for the iPad2.

I was pretty disappointed with last week’s iPad2 launch, but I was pleased to see the prices of the original iPad drop dramatically. So I picked up a 32 gig first generation iPad for about $200 less than it was selling for previously.

I’m just starting to set it up now, and load it with apps. There are so many that are different or better than my iPhone apps… I’m having fun looking and discovering new stuff.

If you have an iPad, what are some of your favourite apps?

3 thoughts on “I gots an iPad”

  1. Okay, so you have an iPhone, and iPod touch (or do you?) and a computer. Do you really need this? (By which I mean, do I really need this?) I have a laptop though.

  2. Technically, I don’t have the iPod touch anymore. Sold it when I got the iPhone. But yes, I have an iMac desktop computer, a macbookpro laptop, an iPhone, and now an iPad. That’s 4 apple devices. It’s disgusting. My family makes fun of me. I like to say it’s for my job, but really they’re just toys. I probably need an intervention.

    Nah, no one NEEDS an iPad. It’s not really a computer- it’s a toy. A really really fun game-playing, e-book reading, video-playing, Internet-ready toy.

  3. I think I’ll wait five or ten years. I’m an old fogey. By then I’ll have caught up to you youngin’s and your technological advances. I still only utilize about 5% of what my computer is capable of.

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