AirBnB Collections

The weather this past weekend in Toronto was downright weird.  Wind, rain, snow, sun, with temperatures above and below freezing, all in 48 hours.

When it’s nasty outside, the only thing I want to do is escape to somewhere else… so I often end up trolling the internet, looking for home exchanges, deals on holiday packages, or cool vacation rentals.  One of my favourite places to browse is the “collections” section of AirBnB.

They’ve taken a wide selection of some of the vacation rental properties available on their website and broken them down into 56 thematic collections, ranging from Life’s a Beach to I’m On A Boat, Ye Own Castle to The Modernism Collection. There are also city collections, including New York, San Francisco, Madrid, Sydney, Budapest, and Barcelona (and more).

There really is something for everyone… check out all the AirBnB Collections here.

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