I finally finished it!

I’ve been working on this cable knit afghan (blanket) for almost 2 years.  Mind you, I took a one-year break in the middle there, but it’s still been way too long.  I finally finished it this weekend!  There’s a shot of it above on the armchair in my living room.  It’s really chunky and 100% wool so it is warm.

Now that it’s finally done, I can start on a new project.  I went to my neighbourhood yarn store, The Purple Purl, and picked up some Mission Bay 100% merino wool in navy blue and white.  I’m following up the afghan monstrosity with a small, simple project – a scarf for Ian.

I found a great (and free!) pattern for an Irish Hiking Scarf on the knitting website Ravelry.com.  Yay, more cable stitches!  I can’t get enough of cable knits, and it seems I’m right on trend.  Check out this recent blog post from Lonny for more cable knit pieces.  I’ll post photos of Ian’s scarf when it’s done – probably in a couple weeks.

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