How Cool Is This? IdeaPaint

I came across the IdeaPaint website because it was featured in a roundup of good-looking minimalist web designs.  So I checked out the site for the design, but then I read more about the actual product.  Maybe you’ve heard of chalkboard paint – it was all the rage a few years ago.  Paint any surface, wall, etc. and you can write on it with chalk, and then erase it.  Too bad it usually ends up looking messy and chalky.  Enter IdeaPaint – a paint that turns any surface into a dry erase board.  No mess like with you get with chalk.  How cool is that?

I am seriously considering ordering some of this stuff and turning an entire wall in my office into an IdeaPaint dry erase wall.  I am an avid list-maker and an occasional doodler, so it would be cool have all that up on the wall instead of all the post-its and scraps of paper I have all over my desk.

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