Favourite Things: Ian

Okay folks, watch your gag reflex, it’s gonna get a bit mushy here.

Today’s post is for my husband, Ian, on his 32nd birthday.  Back when I didn’t have a blog, and I just had a “favourite things” page on my website, Ian would ask “how come I’m not on your favourite things page?”  I told him it was because I was trying to keep my personal and professional lives a little bit separated.  But that’s just BS.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have almost no distinction between my personal and professional lives, and I like it that way.

So Ian, here you are, out in the open, as one of my Favourite Things.  We’ve been together over 5 years (cue the Colin James), and I’m still crazy about you.  I love your intellect, your sensitivity and understanding, your cooking (Ian is the chef in our house), your shared love of our dog, and I especially love your sense of curiosity and wonder (like how you were willing to drive 6 hours just to see some architecture, and you always go with me to art galleries and museums, just to learn something new).

And you look ridiculously good in your MacNaughtan tartan scarf.  Happy Birthday.

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