Gift Idea: AGO Membership

I have a membership to the Art Gallery of Ontario, and it’s pretty fantastic.  I love art museums, but I find them a bit overwhelming.  I often feel pressured to get “good bang for my buck” and will spend too much time at the museum, overdose on art, and feel dazed afterwards.  That’s why a membership is so great – with my membership, I can visit as often as I want.  I go to the AGO every couple months (usually to see the latest exhibit, but sometimes just to peruse the permanent collection), and I usually leave after about an hour.  Then I feel excited and inspired after visiting – not exhausted!  I think an AGO membership is an awesome gift idea.

Bonus #1 – AGO members get access to the Members’ Lounge in the Grange building.  You can have a bite to eat, and feel like a VIP.

Bonus #2 – if you get (or give) an AGO membership this holiday season, you’ll get VIP access to the Chagall exhibit, which looks fantastic. You can see his Blue Circus, above.


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