Flying with Kids

Nothing drives fear into the heart of this experienced traveller like the thought of flying with a kid.  We did it successfully back in September, on our trip to NYC, but that was a pretty short flight.  What if we want to go a bit further?

A friend and her 7-month old babe are flying to San Francisco this week, and I’ve been thinking about them.  That’s a 5 hour flight from Toronto (longer if you do a layover).  Yikes!  In order to try and help her out, I compiled a list of blog articles I’ve read about travelling with babies:

Ten Tips for Traveling with a Baby from Cup of Jo

Tips for Flying with a Baby from Hannah of akhmatova

Traveling with a Toddler from You + Me

Up, Up and Away from Coos and Ahhs

A bajillion handy articles from the Canadian site, Have Baby will Travel

And in this weekend’s NY Times, there’s a great article about flying with children.

Have you flown with your little ones?  How did it go?  Do you have any more tips?

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