Drama and Desire at the AGO

While you’re reading this, I’m at the AGO.  (unless you’re reading this later than when it’s posted, in which case I’m probably back at my desk)

A few months ago, after returning from New York full of arty inspiration, Kinnon and I got memberships to the AGO.  Which means we can go anytime for free, and we get into exhibits before the general public.  So this morning we’re checking out the new “Drama and Desire” exhibit at the gallery.  (going to the art gallery during normal business hours is a perk of the freelance lifestyle)

For two people that met in Theatre School, I really can’t think of a more perfect exhibit.  But somehow I’m a bit skeptical that it could be cornball.  I’ll let you know when I get back.

Update: Yeah, the exhibit was just okay.  I think for people that didn’t spend 4 years studying the connection between visual art and theatre, this would be really mind-blowing.  But I didn’t find it all that enlightening.  But I did get to see the Palm Sunday installation, and that made it all worthwhile.

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