Funny on Friday: Stuff White People Like

I’ve been hearing way too much lately about the blog-turned-book, 1000 Awesome Things (the book is called The Book of Awesome).  I think it’s cool that a blogger is getting so much attention, and a nice book deal, but the subject matter is way too touchy-feely daily-affirmation style for me.

I prefer an earlier blog-turned-book, Stuff White People Like.  Unlike The Book of Awesome and its heartwarming, positive outlook,  Stuff White People Like is ironic.  And hilarious.  I think it’s so funny to me because I self-identify with the writing.  As much as I like to think I’m an individual, and not a stereotypical white, liberal, urban hipster, I still am.  So almost every entry in the blog/book resonates with me.  Because like it or not, it’s who I am.

Just look at this entry about Moleskine Notebooks (yep, the very same notebooks I blogged about yesterday).  Stuff White People Like helps me to laugh at myself.  Which is very important.

Oh yeah, and the title of this blog is a bit of a nod to Stuff White People Like.  If you hadn’t guessed that already.

Funny on Friday: Awkward Family Photos

Whenever I need a quick laugh, I head over to the Awkward Family Photos website, and am seldom disappointed.  Just look at the Star Trek themed family portrait above… these shots are golden.  And I’m obviously not the only one who thinks this website is hilarious… they got a book deal.  The AFP book launched last night in LA, and you can get copies through  I’m adding this to my wishlist.

Look Ma, I’m Famous!

Okay, maybe not famous.  But featured in a magazine, which is cool.  And it’s even cooler that I’m in the company of so many other great Toronto entrepreneurs.  I’m having a crummy day (feeling sick), so this was a lovely pick-me-up.

To see the issue of On Magazine featuring me, click here, and then scroll to page 24.  Or if that’s giving you trouble, you can download the PDF of my page by clicking here.

Messy French Bun

Like Joanna at Cup of Jo, I have always been envious of fashionable ladies who can wear messy buns in their hair, making them look French and oh-so-chic.  So thank you Joanna for recently reminding us of how to get the messy French bun look.

I’ve been trying my variation of this on my own hair for the last 4 days.  I like to wear my own messy French bun with my eyeglasses, thinking I’m rocking the librarian chic look.  I probably just look ridiculous.

Cuteness Alert: My Milk Toof

It’s Monday morning, and if you’re like me, you need a little distraction.  So check out My Milk Toof – the undeniably adorable animated photo stories created by Inhae.  Follow the adventures of Ickle and Lardee as they go on big adventures, build snowmen, and get into trouble.   If you don’t think this is irresistibly cute, there’s something wrong with you.