Funny on Friday: Stuff White People Like

I’ve been hearing way too much lately about the blog-turned-book, 1000 Awesome Things (the book is called The Book of Awesome).  I think it’s cool that a blogger is getting so much attention, and a nice book deal, but the subject matter is way too touchy-feely daily-affirmation style for me.

I prefer an earlier blog-turned-book, Stuff White People Like.  Unlike The Book of Awesome and its heartwarming, positive outlook,  Stuff White People Like is ironic.  And hilarious.  I think it’s so funny to me because I self-identify with the writing.  As much as I like to think I’m an individual, and not a stereotypical white, liberal, urban hipster, I still am.  So almost every entry in the blog/book resonates with me.  Because like it or not, it’s who I am.

Just look at this entry about Moleskine Notebooks (yep, the very same notebooks I blogged about yesterday).  Stuff White People Like helps me to laugh at myself.  Which is very important.

Oh yeah, and the title of this blog is a bit of a nod to Stuff White People Like.  If you hadn’t guessed that already.

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