20×200 is back online!



Well, kind of.  20×200 is dead hibernating and the team behind it has just launched You Should Buy Art, a similar site that’s in beta while the new 20×200 is being worked on. You can jump over there right now and get some very affordable art that was leftover from 20×200’s demise. Like Christian Chaize’s Praia Piquina or Sharon Montrose’s adorable Baby Deer. I’d love to have both Kite Hill and First Snow by Paul Octavious, pictured above.

Looks like they’re not shipping to Canada though. Boo.

4 thoughts on “20×200 is back online!”

  1. The rumors of 20×200’s death have been greatly exaggerated! We’re using the youshouldbuyart.com domain throughout the beta phase + will move back home to 20×200.com after we’ve ironed out all the kinks and added back in all of our inventory and content. (We’ve got lots of new stuff in the pipeline too.)

    We’ve been offline for a while now, as you know, so we decided that it was best to ramp up slowly and ease back into things before doing any kind of big, splashy relaunch. Sure feels good to launch the beta though!

  2. Sorry Jen – I’ve updated my post to reflect your beta status. So glad to see you back online. Any chance you’ll ship to Canada? 😉

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