Books for the Kid

As Ian and I start to make the long list of stuff we need to get for the tadpole, I want to make sure we don’t forget to build a great library for the kid.  Of course, we’ll be visiting the actual library often, but there are some books that are so good, I want to have our own copies.

On the must have list:

Goodnight Moon
Where the Wild Things Are
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (and anything and everything else by Eric Carle)
This is New York (and the rest of the “This Is” series)
Moxie, The Daschund of Fallingwater
The Secret Garden (I’ll have to read that one to the kid for a while until they’re older)

What other books would you recommend for our kid?

2 thoughts on “Books for the Kid”

  1. I’d also suggest Big Red Barn for early reading, and anything by Robert Munsch for later on! Grace is really digging Munsch right now.

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