Baby on the Way!

My loyal readers might have noticed that I’ve made a few mentions of a “baby on the way” in this week’s blog posts.  It’s true – I’m pregnant!  Ian and I are expecting our first child to be born in April.  Pregnancy is a crazy ride… the first trimester was difficult for sure.  I was sick and really exhausted.  Now that I’m almost 4 months along, things have been much better lately.  My energy level is up, and most of the queasiness has subsided (although I do still get the occasional wave of nausea).

Ian and I are starting to get really excited for the arrival of “the tadpole” (whose first portrait is above, at 12 weeks).  We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, but we’ll be finding out in a few weeks!  We have no idea what we’re going to name the baby (somehow we don’t think “the tadpole” is a practical name choice for life).  Whenever I think of a baby name, I love to enter it into the Baby Name Voyager – a website that will show you the popularity of that name over the last hundred years or so.  It’s so cool to see trends in names (like my name – barely unheard of when I was born, but it’s now very popular).  Go to the website and enter your own name – it’s fun!

5 thoughts on “Baby on the Way!”

  1. i bet i can come up with lots of names! 🙂
    stella mccartey is making more kids clothes for the gap…just sayin’…

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