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Favourite Things: The Library

10 May 2010 | 0 Comments

What an amazing concept – everyone in a city (or town) gets to share a huge collection of books (and albums, and DVDs, and magazines… and soon, video games).  I’m glad that libraries have been around for a while, because if someone tried to introduce that idea now, it probably wouldn’t work.  Kind of like public health care in the States.  I digress.

Anyway, I love the Toronto library.  The individual branches aren’t so great (except for a few, and I’m talking about you, S. Walter Stewart branch).  But the whole system is amazing.  With the beta launch of the Toronto Library’s new website, it’s even easier to find items, place them on hold, and then go pick them up at my local branch.  Rarely have I thought of a book that I can’t find at the library.  Including new releases.  And often, I’ve “tested” a library book, found I liked it, and bought a copy of my own (because some books are so good, you don’t want to return them after 3 weeks).

Little known fact – the Toronto Library website has a “downloads” section.  eBooks, audio books, and a little bit of music.  Check there next time you’re going on a road trip and need something to listen to.  Or heck, download some audio books for your daily commute.  Beats listening to morning radio (except the CBC morning radio.  Love the CBC).

For You! A discount code for Moo

3 May 2010 | 1 Comment

Remember when I said I was ordering new business cards from Moo?  I got some full size business cards featuring the artwork of various illustrators, and also 100 ready-made mini cards, all featuring illustrations by Marc Johns.

Well, they arrived this afternoon. As always, they look lovely.

Moo sent me a little promo code to pass on – 15% off your first pack of 50 Business Cards.  That would normally cost you $21.99 (which is already a crazy deal), but with 15% off, that’s only $18.69.  That’s a seriously good deal.

If you wanna take advantage of it, go to Moo and enter code G2MSCG at the checkout.

Note: I am not paid in any way to give this info to you.  I just seriously love Moo.

Favourite Blog of All Time: Design*Sponge

3 May 2010 | 1 Comment

I heart Design*Sponge.  I’ve been reading this blog for years – long before I was a designer.  I have always been drawn to owner/blogger Grace Bonney’s excellent sense of style (usually on a budget no-less), and her candid, friendly writing.  It’s been so cool to watch this blog grow over the years.  At first, Grace would write about a whole bunch of topics (all relating to interior design), and throw them all together in one place (hmmm… kind of like the blog you’re reading right now).  But over time, Grace developed clearly recognizable categories for her blog posts – “Before and After”, “DIY”, “In the Kitchen”, “City Guides”, and my favourite: “Sneak Peeks” (where she gets interesting people to post photos and descriptions of their homes.  Kind of like The Selby, but not so weird).  She even has a schedule for the categories: Mondays are for Sneak Peeks, Tuesdays are for Guides, etc.

I recently launched some blog design services, and when I work with my blogger clients, I always use Design*Sponge as an example of what an excellent blog can be.  Have a strong, clear, interesting voice in your writing, and give your blog some structure.  It’s a formula that has worked very well for Grace (she has 60,000 daily readers, over 10 contributing writers, and is coming out with a book).  I think her daily schedule for her blog categories is brilliant – it keeps things interesting, and most importantly, it gives the reader a reason to come back to the blog every day.  Oh yeah, and don’t you love the look of the blog itself?  It was custom designed for Design*Sponge.  Gives the site a completely original look.  Love it.

Bullfrog Power

22 April 2010 | 0 Comments

I’ve been a Bullfrog Power customer ever since we bought our house a couple years ago.  What’s Bullfrog Power?  And how does it work?  Check out this cool video that they just released:

It’s pretty easy.  I’m a Toronto Hydro customer, and I pay my normal bill to Toronto Hydro, and then I pay a monthly bill to Bullfrog Power.  It works out to about 25 bucks a month.  And that’s for my 3-bedroom house.  It might be even less for your place.  Yep, it’s more money.  But I think it’s worth it.  Like they explain in the video.

If you want to try it, Bullfrog is running a promo right now – sign up by April 30 and get $25 off your bill.  For more info, click here.

“You Can Quote Me” biz cards

22 April 2010 | 2 Comments

Check out these lovely “You Can Quote Me” ready-made business cards from my favourite online printer of all time, Moo:

All you have to do is add your info to the back, and you’re done!  I have to order more business cards for myself.  I thought I was going to just get my usual Marc Johns set (since he’s hilarious and whimsical and a little bit cheeky, like me)… but I might throw a few of these “You Can Quote Me” ones in there as well…

Favourite Flower: Tulips

19 April 2010 | 0 Comments

Tulips are my favourite flower.  For a few reasons:

1. They’re simple and not fussy.
2. They come in all kinds of colours, including multicolour ones.
3. You can only get them for a few months each year, which makes them special.
4. They’re not expensive.
5. I like how the Dutch have been sending 100,000 tulips to Canada every year since 1945, to say thank you for sheltering Princess Juliana for 3 years during WWII.
6. I like how at first, the tulips stand up straight and are all linear, but after a few days, the stems start to bend, and they go in all different directions.  Very architectural.

    It was my birthday last week, and Ian and my friends bought me some tulips.  Look at how gorgeous these are!