Favourite Things: The Library

What an amazing concept – everyone in a city (or town) gets to share a huge collection of books (and albums, and DVDs, and magazines… and soon, video games).  I’m glad that libraries have been around for a while, because if someone tried to introduce that idea now, it probably wouldn’t work.  Kind of like public health care in the States.  I digress.

Anyway, I love the Toronto library.  The individual branches aren’t so great (except for a few, and I’m talking about you, S. Walter Stewart branch).  But the whole system is amazing.  With the beta launch of the Toronto Library’s new website, it’s even easier to find items, place them on hold, and then go pick them up at my local branch.  Rarely have I thought of a book that I can’t find at the library.  Including new releases.  And often, I’ve “tested” a library book, found I liked it, and bought a copy of my own (because some books are so good, you don’t want to return them after 3 weeks).

Little known fact – the Toronto Library website has a “downloads” section.  eBooks, audio books, and a little bit of music.  Check there next time you’re going on a road trip and need something to listen to.  Or heck, download some audio books for your daily commute.  Beats listening to morning radio (except the CBC morning radio.  Love the CBC).

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